The Fitz Team

Here's the official team roster for the 60th Company entry in the Edmund Fitzgerald 105k.  Nicknames by team captain John Gidmark. 

The best that can be said for the weather on October 14 is that it wasn't pouring rain, or snowing.  Temps in the high 40s, light mist to steady drizzle all day.  We are assured that the scenery on the North Shore of Lake Superior is breathtaking in autumn, but we have to take someone else's word for it.  

Our goal was to finish the relay in less than 10 hours.  Hell, for some of us the goal was to finish. Period.  So our final time of 9:39:18 was satisfying.  In fact, we came in fourth in the Open, Senior Class (don't ask how many teams were competing in that class).mike.jpg (80996 bytes)

The history of the Antique Eltees is here for all to see.  We also have some excellent photo pages. 

And now (March 2006), lyrics to the Wreck of the Antique Eltees!

Check 'em out!  

C.J. "Roadrunner (Meep, Meep)" Spence, 19.3k (12 miles)
John "The Mule Variety" Storbeck, 25.9k (16 miles)
John "Frodo" Gidmark, 25k (15 miles)
Mike "The Florida Whippet" Vogelsang, 9.9k (6 miles)
"Shippwreck" Dan Shipp, 5k (3 miles)
Bud "He Can Fly!" Park, 5.1k (3 miles)
Jack "Rabbit" Easterling 5k (3 miles)
Tom "I don't do tights!" Corrigan 10 k (6 miles)

Bill "Sweet Cadence" Music, manager & cadence caller
Richard "Hound Dog" Campbell, smoked fish flinger and driver




updated 04/11/2006
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